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The Dawning is a sequel to Night Vision.



The Dawning by
Karin Kallmaker - Paperback



Would you give up the future to save the past?

Thirteen years have passed since the fiery explosion that killed seven people and shattered the lives of thousands more, but Amanda Martin is unable to forgive herself for her part in the tragedy. Deep in the hills of Arizona, she watches an approaching storm, hoping against hope that the torrential rains and violent floods will wash away some of her pain. In a flash of lightning, she sees something that wasn't there just seconds before -- a lone woman struggling in the churning waters hundreds of feet below.

After a difficult rescue that almost claims both their lives, Amanda brings the mud soaked stranger to the safety of her cabin. But this is no stranger. For when the mud is washed off, Amanda instantly recognizes the disheveled woman -- as one of the seven who died in that horrible accident!

© 1999, 2008 207 pages 47,239 words

Nothing Exists except by virtue of a disequilibrium, an Injustice.
All Existence is a theft paid for by other Existences;
no Life flowers except on a Cemetery.

-- Remy de Gourmont




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Much of this book is set in Canyon de Chelley National Monument on the Navajo Reservation. It is one of the most spiritual places I have ever visited, one of the oldest and one of the most alive. If you're thinking of visiting the Southwestern US, include it on your itinerary.

I dedicated this book to those who sacrificed everything so we could see the stars. If you're like me, you remember where you were and what you were doing when the Challenger's O-ring failed.

The theme of this book, accepting random tragedy, was much in my mind after the events of 9-11. -- Karin

Canyon de Chelley National Monument

3-D Tour of CdeC by U.S. Geologic Society

Shuttle Challenger Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery along with news coverage and national reaction to the tragedy.

The Ellison Onizuka Space Center, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

The Christa McAuliffe Planetarium, Concord, New Hampshire


Midwest Review of Books

In The Dawning, Karin Kallmaker (writing under the pen name of Laura Adams) brings to bear her consummate skills as a gifted and imaginative story teller, one who is able to engage the reader with an enduring intensity from first page to last. The Dawning is one of those superb novels that are so easy to pick up -- and so difficult to put down!