Lesbian Romance

   Lesbian Romance



Featuring delectable family recipes!

German Chocolate Cookies
Chicken Marsala
Banana Pancakes
Mulled Cider
Sauce for Cacciatore
Broccoli Salad
Simple Cheese Souffle
Bread Pudding (Innocence Lost)
Cornbread & Sausage Stuffing
Thick Chocolate Sauce (a.k.a. Chocolate Body Paint;
you can view this recipe in the excerpt PDF)
Three Easy Sauces for Crudite
Pumpkin Pie with Pecan Filling


Making Up for Lost Time by
Karin Kallmaker - Paperback



When love-starved lesbians decide to make up for lost time, the recipe is romance. And with Karin Kallmaker cooking, you know the result will be hot, spicy and mouth-wateringly delicious!

Master Chef Jamie Onassis has used every penny she has to buy a beautiful country inn she plans to turn into a five-star restaurant. Unfortunately, the inn turns out to be a "handyman's special" and, without the skills or capital to make the necessary repairs, Jamie risks losing everything.

Home and garden expert Valkyrie Valentine is a rising star among the do-it-yourself set. A seemingly perfect homemaker, Valkyrie seems destined to become the next Martha Stewart - as long as no one discovers her embarrassing little secret: she can't cook.

Jamie desperately agrees to Val's wild proposition: she'll fix the inn if Jamie will help her fake being a dream chef for a holiday weekend hosting magazine executives. It's just one short weekend and not all that big a lie. What could go wrong?

Delicious recipes and chocolate-as-sublimation await the reader in Karin Kallmaker's uproarious farce of cooking that doesn't stay in the kitchen.

Fans of this book will not want to miss the short stories (and recipes!) in Frosting on the Cake 1 and 2.

© 1998 • 240 or 194 pages • 52,517 words


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Lesbian romance is a long way from Christmas in Connecticut...

But the germ of the idea from the Barbara Stanwyck/Sidney Greenstreet movie is the same. What do you do when someone calls your, um, mild bluff about your capabilities? You lie and go on lying until hilarity ensues, that's what! I enjoyed writing a romance with a good dose of farce, and dwelling extensively on my love of chocolate was, well, quite a treat.

Mendocino is one of my favorite places in Northern California. The food alone (Mendo Burgers, 955 Ukiah, Cafe Beaujolais) could inspire even more books, but the artisan shops, the Headlands's vista over the rolling Pacific Ocean, the hiking, coastal hills, brilliant sunny afternoons and quiet fog-choked nights...the whole area is the stuff of romance and has been very good for my imagination. MacCallum House generally inspired the Waterview Inn. -- KK