Lesbian Romance

   Lesbian Romance



Watermark is Touchwood's sequel


Touchwood by
Karin Kallmaker - Paperback



Twenty-nine-year-old Rayann Germaine, betrayed by her lover, flees in grief and rage. She meets book store owner Louisa Thatcher, a woman many years her senior, who offers shelter and work... and soon, passion, and a loving place in her life.

But Rayann encounters challenges to this new love—from friends who question its wisdom, from her mother who disapproves of this liaison with a woman her own contemporary, from Louisa's son who learns for the first time his mother's true sexuality.

And there are profound differences between Rayann and Louisa themselves, two women who come from dramatically different places in the spectrum of age and life experience. Their only common ground seems to be the searing attraction that they both try to deny...

A reader favorite!

Fans of this book and Watermark will not want to miss the short stories in Frosting on the Cake 1 and 2.

© 1991 • 226 pages • 62,976 words


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Notes and Reviews

I think this book is still my personal favorite -- perhaps because of the care and
feeding it received from editors Christi Cassidy and Katherine Forrest.
I will be forever grateful to them both.

Bay Windows

Touchwood explores... with a deft, sensitive touch. It's a wonderful book...truly outstanding.

Deborah Pfeiffer, Bay Area Reporter

Touchwood, 1990

Kallmaker has a sure sense of the power of language and of the power of eros. The two are combined in scenes that left me gasping ... with pleasure. Touchwood ... is a wonderfully written, wonderfully entertaining novel. That it addresses, with wisdom and compassion and delight, the most profound questions of who we are and how we define ourselves, is an extra gift, one to be treasured and enjoyed.

Watermark, 1999

Of all Karin Kallmaker's very fine novels, Touchwood is my favorite. Watermark, a sequel ... may even be better. This is a rich, compelling, wonderful novel, one that will live long in your memory and your heart.

Au Grand Jour (French Edition)

Touchwood in French

La rencontre entre Rayann et Louisa était inespérée : l’une cherchait un travail et un toit après une rupture sentimentale, l’autre quelqu’un pour la seconder dans sa librairie en échange d’une chambre au-dessus de la boutique.

Rapidement, la cohabitation devient un défi pour Rayann : comment résister au charme de la libraire qui a l’âge de sa mère ? Le mieux serait de se changer les idées dans les bras de la séduisante Zoraida.

Du côté de Louisa, l’attirance pour cette femme, si jeune et si sûre d’elle, ravive un passé heureux mais difficile.
Leur improbable histoire parviendra-t-elle à s’épanouir malgré le regard sceptique et désapprobateur de leur entourage ?


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