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Warming Trend by
Karin Kallmaker - Paperback




Anidyr Bycall is frozen in her past, regretting words never spoken to the woman she loves and the one impulsive act that cost her all her dreams. Running from the courts of public and academic opinion in Fairbanks, she has landed in Key West. The nights are hot but she is colder than the glaciers she once explored.

Tending bar by night, she spends her days immersed in the research of her only remaining passion in life: the ice fields of Alaska. But trends may be improving when news from home hints that those she harmed may have moved on, and she can at least recover the papers and books she left behind. The respect and affection she once saw in Eve Cambra's eyes is gone beyond recall.

When a few innocent questions raise Ani's doubts about what really happened three years ago, she realizes she may have a chance to clear her name and reclaim her career. But there's no data to prove that Eve has thawed and that the fire they once shared can be rekindled.

Golden Crown and Lambda Literary award-winning author Karin Kallmaker brings her readers a romantic story of the icy north where passion may melt even a frozen heart.

Fans of this book will not want to miss the wedding story "Good Morning" in Frosting on the Cake 2.

© 2009 • 261 pages • 86,983 words


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Just About Write - Jan/Feb 2010

When we meet Anidyr (Ani) Bycall, she’s tending an ice bar in Florida, keeping her distance from someone who’d like to get to know her better, and spending her leisure time delving into research on the Alaskan ice fields. As the story unfolds, we find that this research is more than a passing fancy. Ani is a scientest who fled Alaska when she was accused of some unethical behavior. This not only put her in a bad light with her mentor, Professor Monica Tyndell, but also lost her the respect of her lover, Eve Cambra.

A friend in Alaska still keeps her informed about local happenings, and while perusing a copy of the Fairbanks Gazette, she reads an article that leads her to believe that those who meant so much—the people she failed most—may have put the past behind them. Because of this, she begins to think that she may have a chance to recover the belongings she left behind when she fled Fairbanks. The final push comes when the coolers at the ice bar break down and the bar has to close for repairs. As the road trip begins, Ani reveals the story—of what happened to send her running to Key West and her hope to heal the rift left by her flight—to her new friend Lisa.

Upon her arrival in Fairbanks, Ani begins to question motivations and events of the past. She realizes that everything is not as it seems, especially with Eve. And she realizes one thing is for certain: the flame of love has not gone out, even though the two are hesitant to fan the embers.

Kallmaker has given us insight into human emotion along with beautiful descriptions of the Alaskan glacial terrain. Warming Trend will teach as well as entertain, and the broken relationship between Eve and Ani will have the reader on tenterhooks until the end.

--Anna Furtado

Just About Write - October 2009

Kallmaker has given her fans a beautifully written novel, complete with breathtaking descriptions of Alaska. Hers is not the Alaska of the cruise lines, but the heart of Alaska, with particular attention to its glaciers, ice, and northern lights. Anidyr Bacall is the daughter of a Russian immigrant. Her father was a glacial geologist, but one without American credentials. Anidyr's lifelong dream was to be a glacial geologist, complete with a doctorate.

Eve Cambria lives and works as a caterer in North Pole, Alaska. Her lifelong dream is to own a restaurant. When Eve and Ani meet, they both instantly realize they have met the love of their life. Their happiness is almost palpable. After one short year together, their world is turned upside down when Ani is publicly and academically disgraced.

Warming Trend is the story of a diabolical plot and how two friends, Lisa and Tan, work with Ani and Eve to clear Ani's name and to literally uncover the truth. It's also the story of academic politics, and the mind games that are played by some professors.

Kallmaker has given her readers wonderful characters. She has built her story around them and around the beauty and wonder of Alaska. She has told her story with great language, wit, and warmth. She's even included a very large, very lovable dog. If you're a Kallmaker fan, or if you're new to her work, Warming Trend is not to be missed.

--R Lynne

Tanz auf dem Eis by Karin Kallmaker

Ani Bycall hat sich ins sonnige Key West abgesetzt und jobbt als Barkeeperin im »On the Rocks«, einem Lokal, das buchstäblich aus Eis besteht. Als Ani unverhofft Urlaub nehmen muss, kehrt sie in ihre Heimatstadt Fairbanks, Alaska, zurück, um dort einiges zu regeln und endgültig mit ihrer Vergangenheit abzuschließen. Begleitet wird sie von ihrer Kollegin Lisa - blond und sexy, mit frechem Humor und mehr Tiefgang, als es den Anschein hat. Lisa gelingt es, die Intrige, die etliche Jahre zuvor zu Anis Ausschluss aus der Universität und dem Ende ihrer vielversprechenden Karriere als Glaziologin geführt hat, aufzudecken. Und die anschließende Aussprache zwischen Ani und ihrer damaligen großen Liebe Eve führt zu einem neuen romantischen Tanz auf dem Eis.

Beitrag der L-Word.de:

"Love on the Rocks. Oder: Ganz heiß auf (dem) Eis – das hätte auch als Titel gepasst für „Tanz auf dem Eis“, dem jüngst auf Deutsch erschienenen Karin-Kallmaker-Roman. Die Happy-End-Garantin schafft es spielend, mit Hilfe von Freundschaft, vielen Lesben und – last but not least – wahrer Liebe das auf Enttäuschungen, Intrigen und Missverständnissen gründende Eis zum Schmelzen zu bringen – und natürlich auch die Herzen all der Leserinnen, die sich gerne einmal ganz uncool mit einem Schmöker fürs Herz kuscheliges Lesevergnügen gönnen können."