Lesbian Romance by Karin Kallmaker

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Behind every door is a story of lesbian passion. First time couplings and couples who know how to mix lust and love make this the hottest address in the city by the bay. Bella After Dark.

16 Shades of Lesbian Love was originally published in paperback as 18th & Castro.


Kip Barrett does her job very well, and nothing can tempt her from following the rules, not even Tamara Sterling.

More background about Above Temptation.

Sex and the single girl – Brandy is looking for love and usually she finds it. Karin Kallmaker’s Bella After Dark erotic novel.

More background about All the Wrong Places.

It's never an easy commute on the Freeway of Love. But there are soft shoulders, merging traffic and it's slippery when wet…

More background about Car Pool.

Gothic tale of two hearts taken captive in the past. Can they free themselves to claim the present and future?

More background about Christabel 
(Second Edition).

Milla Zajac is home for the holidays. It’s a surprise for her mother, and a promise of the best apple pie on the planet and plenty of unrationed hot showers. She had no plans to meet a woman like Tyna..

More background about Comfort and Joy.

Has Sarah found lust or love?

More background about Embrace in Motion.


Shipwrecked on a tropical island—finders keepers for Marissa? Or losers weepers?

More background about Finders Keepers.

The next chapters in the lives of your favorite Kallmaker characters inspired by Touchwood, Painted Moon and more!

More background about Frosting on the Cake: The Original.

A literary dessert buffet of more stories inspired by Karin's novels, like Above Temptation and Substitute for Love.

More background about Frosting on the Cake 2: Second Helpings.

Radclyffe and Karin Kallmaker explore lust and love in Las Vegas, where every hand is a winner. (Co-authored with Radclyffe.)
Bold Strokes Books

More background about In Deep Waters 2: Cruising the Strip.

Jessica has a woman in every port. Will meeting Cat change all that?

More background about In Every Port.

Syrah’s prejudice and Toni’s pride cause an epic clash that turns the peaceful Napa countryside upside down. A very lesbian Pride & Prejudice.

More background about Just Like That.

With CJ’s past hunting her down, she can’t offer Karita more than kisses and goodbyes.

More background about The Kiss That Counted.

Jamie and Val discover a delicious recipe for dyke dating, lesbian romance and chocolate seduction.

More background about Making Up for Lost Time.

Sabrina has everything she ever wanted – except Jorie.

More background about Maybe Next Time.

You’ve never read fairy tales like these before! (All New Exploits volumes are co-authored with Barbara Johnson, Therese Szymanski and Julia Watts.) Bella After Dark novellas.

More background about New Exploits 1: Once Upon a Dyke.

Reluctant witches, tempting spells and skyclad beauties—delve into the mysteries of love, lust and power in this quartet of novellas. Bella After Dark novellas.

More background about New Exploits 2: Bell, Book and Dyke.

Sizzling small town romance between Marian, the town librarian, and the new girl from the big city. Lesbian romance

More background about One Degree of Separation.

Stranded together in a snowbound cabin, Jackie and Leah’s lives will never be the same.

More background about Painted Moon.


Carolyn falls for tall, dark and … female … in this classic homage to the romance genre. This is not your mother's Harlequin!

More background about Paperback Romance.

Laura Izmani is glad of her new client, a wealthy actress who needs a private chef for her twins. She's also grateful that Helen Baynor doesn't remember their first meeting on a roller coaster ride that changed their lives.

More background about Roller Coaster.

Producer Selena Ryan isn't going to let anyone use her to get what they want, ever again, even if that means living without love.

More background about Stepping Stone.

When Holly and Reyna meet the combination adds up to pure passion. But Reyna’s “no tomorrows” rule isn’t enough for Holly.

More background about Substitute for Love.

Three women want sugar from Sugar, who can’t make up her mind.

More background about Sugar.

Can Rett find love with the cheerleader who broke her heart so many years ago? Will Angel find that it's still true: dykes don't make passes at girls who wear glasses? Lesbian romance

More background about Unforgettable.

A river of ice has frozen Ani’s life. The future looks even colder when she returns home to the glaciers of Alaska, the mistakes of her past and the disdain of the woman she once loved.

More background about Warming Trend.

Dutiful daughter Faith has met the perfect man. There’s just one problem: she’s in love with his sister. 

More background about Wild Things.


"All About Her," short story by Karin Kallmaker

Fantasy: UNtrue Stories of Lesbian Passion


"Lilith," short story by Karin Kallmaker

The Call of the Dark: Erotica Lesbian Tales of the Supernatural


"Last Call," short story by Karin Kallmaker.

"Last Call includes engaging characters and a vivid exploration of emotions and desires that translate exceptionally well on the page." - Rainbow Reviews

Best Lesbian Love Stories 2009, Cleis Press.


"Dangling Earrings," memoir essay by Karin Kallmaker.

Milk of Human Kindness, The: Lesbian Daughters Write about their Mothers, Regal Crest


"Hers, Mine and Ours," short story by Karin Kallmaker.

Erotic Interludes 5: Road Games, Bold Strokes



"Ten Quick and Easy Salads," short story by Karin Kallmaker.

Erotic Interludes 4: Extreme Passions, Bold Strokes

"Getting In and Out of Her Shorts," short story by Karin Kallmaker.

Erotic Interludes 3: Lessons in Love, Bold Strokes


"Any Morning," short story by Karin Kallmaker.

Erotic Interludes 2: Stolen Moments, Bold Strokes



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