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Thinking for a Living – and Thankful

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“Your characters are always people I feel like I know.”

It was a simple comment from a reader last week at the Golden Crown convention, and one I really appreciated. We went on to discuss how I draw on real life and I’ve been mulling over the reader’s parting comment – that I must have interesting friends and family to have so much material to work with. Read More

That Pivotal Moment in Every Love Story

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One of the challenges of writing romance novels is using a tried-and-true formula. Some theorists might suggest that makes writing them easier, but I disagree. If I wanted to write the same romance novel over and over, it might be simpler, but I want every novel to have fresh characters, a new setting, a unique (to me at least) underlying premise of conflict, and characters who have choices that previous characters haven’t faced. Read More

Two Women Talking

Sharing Passion in Public

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Two Women Talking

A new guilty pleasure has entered my life: The Best Thing I Ever Ate. This half-hour food orgy showed up on the Food Network recently, and I’m hooked. The basic format is familiar stars like Bobby Flay, Cat Cora and Rachel Ray choosing dishes within a theme, like “fried,” and discussing where they had the best item ever in that category. Sometimes the star is at the restaurant and a little featurette shows how the item was made. Read More

Talking to Selena

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Finally, a post back to the subject nearest my heart, writing. I didn’t actually set out to spend this past weekend on books and nothing but. However, the muse decided to poke at me a bit and since I’m behind on my deadline, this was not to be ignored. The focus continued to today, where I segued from writing only to the issues of marketing books and tomorrow will roll up my sleeves and tackle a veritable mountain of work that is bottle-necked on my desk. Read More

A Persona is No Substitute for Work

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It’s not an outrageous assumption that entertainment is going to be entertaining. When selecting shows to see in Las Vegas this past week, we had to balance the likes and dislikes of our family of four. Sure-fire winner was Blue Man Group. We all loved it. Two hours of pure fun, thought-provoking imagery and clever wit that transcended language. It had energy, great live music and laugh-out-loud visuals. Read More

Something More Permanent Than Books!

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YTour 2009 Bella Books authors

I’ve long said that books are forever, and a book in a library collection is immortality. Some ten feet off the ground, caulking gun in one hand and a firm grip on the ladder with the other, I was mulling over the permanence of a house. A house is where a family will live, a child grow up, have kids of her own maybe, and what could be more immortal than the family chain? As I squeezed out that first shaky bead of caulk, someone below me said, “Remember! This is the front of the house, and it’s what everyone will see for years and years.” Read More