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So I started reading Painted Moon, which is my fifth published book. I feared that in the intervening years the story had grown dated, or that my growth as a writer would have me itching to rewrite every other sentence. To my relief, both the story and my writing held up to my critical eye, though I found a tweak here and there that was essential. To be sure, there were passages I would tackle differently now, but overall, I was pleased. Well, except for the ellipses. Read More

Two Women Talking

You Have an Opinion and It Matters

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Two Women Talking

I love your books. More people should read them!

It’s a corollary to “I love lesbian books! How come so many lesbians don’t know they exist?” These are statements and questions often uttered at Golden Crown conventions and I don’t attend an event where someone doesn’t say something along those lines. The follow-up is often something like, “What Can I do to help?” Read More

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Thinking for a Living – and Thankful

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“Your characters are always people I feel like I know.”

It was a simple comment from a reader last week at the Golden Crown convention, and one I really appreciated. We went on to discuss how I draw on real life and I’ve been mulling over the reader’s parting comment – that I must have interesting friends and family to have so much material to work with. Read More

That Pivotal Moment in Every Love Story

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One of the challenges of writing romance novels is using a tried-and-true formula. Some theorists might suggest that makes writing them easier, but I disagree. If I wanted to write the same romance novel over and over, it might be simpler, but I want every novel to have fresh characters, a new setting, a unique (to me at least) underlying premise of conflict, and characters who have choices that previous characters haven’t faced. Read More

Two Women Talking

Sharing Passion in Public

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Two Women Talking

A new guilty pleasure has entered my life: The Best Thing I Ever Ate. This half-hour food orgy showed up on the Food Network recently, and I’m hooked. The basic format is familiar stars like Bobby Flay, Cat Cora and Rachel Ray choosing dishes within a theme, like “fried,” and discussing where they had the best item ever in that category. Sometimes the star is at the restaurant and a little featurette shows how the item was made. Read More