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Books and Boots Gather in Dallas November 10!

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books and boots dallas gcls logo

Feeling as if the barbarians are at the gate, and it’s nonstop? Gather with likeminded people, get some hugs, breathe easy. I recommend it with all my heart, and it’s how I’m coping in this very difficult time. If you can get yourself to Dallas on November 10, I will hug you and that’s a promise!

It’ll be a great day with a lot of wonderful authors you can talk to, and plenty of other readers who like what you like: stories about women who love women. The stories where women are the heroes of their own lives. The stories where strength, wisdom, love, and tenacity win in the end. It’s free, but you do need to register here.

Lynn Ames, Barrett, Georgia Beers, Saxon Bennett, Melissa Brayden, Julie Cannon, Linda Crist, Layce Gardner, Roselle Graskey, Gerri Hill, KG MacGregor, Laydin Michaels, Jaycie Morrison, Carsen Taite, Shelley Thrasher, Barbara Ann Wright – and yours truly.

In addition to general merrymaking, there will be two panel events: Barbara Ann Wright will be moderating Romance and Mystery and Thriller, and Carsen Taite will be moderating Fantasy, Historical and Comedy.

This event wouldn’t exist without the hard work and squirrel herding by Sandy Thornton, and the support of the Golden Crown Literary Society Board of Directors.

Please join us. I know it’ll do me a world of good to be among friends, and sharing our love of the books and the stories – and each other.

Books and Boots

GCLS Southwest Regional Event co-hosted by the Resource Center of Dallas
November 20, 1028, 9am-6pm
DoubleTree Hotel (near Love Field), 3300 West Mockingbird Lane, Dallas TX

Books and Boots Details 2018

Thoughtful and Congenial are welcome visitors. Disrespect and Spite will be shown the door.

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