Stepping Stone, November 2009

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Muse: “Stepping Stone — the book about the Hollywood producer whose ex used and dumped her to get a big part, so she’ll never trust an actress again, then one falls in her lap, then the ex shows up all sorry I was a fool, sort of All About Eve meets Singin’ in the Rain? That book?”

Why does Amazon take so long to ship out your new books?

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mazon gets their books from a wholesaler, who gets them from Bella Distribution. Generally, all books ship out on pallets to wholesalers and distributors 2-3 weeks prior to the release date, after they are released by the printer. The time it takes for those wholesalers to inventory, unpack, re-pick, pack and ship books out to their clients (booksellers and others) can take anywhere between 7-10 days (generally).