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After the outcome of Proposition 8 it was hard not to go back to not hoping. What was hardest was that for months after the Supreme Court ruling I thought Prop 8 would pass and that it was another useless exercise. As the election approached, and so much change was in the air, I thought it wouldn’t pass — I hoped. And was disappointed one more time.

But hope does spring eternal. The best part of the Obama transition team’s Civil Rights plan is that it isn’t candidate Obama’s plan, but a plan announced from the Office of the President-Elect.

Repealing DOMA is a great place to start. And the rest of that agenda reads very nicely to me.

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  1. That’s one of those 1,100 or so rights that come with “full civil rights.” At least we can hope so. I still think the “separate but equal” status of civil unions isn’t enough, but if we get the “equal” we can work on the “separate.”

  2. Unfortunately, there’s nothing in there about supporting immigration for same-sex partners, when one is not a US citizen.

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