This was my first Karin Kallmaker book but now I'm hooked...

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“Captain of Industry turns a ‘bad girl’ into one you will root for. Karin does a fantastic job of filling in the details of how and why and brings it all together at the end.” – JJ

“Plenty to like and enjoy about this book, in particular the winding path and self awareness of both key characters.” – Cheryl

“Kallmaker on top form – the most real, rich and sensitively written romances I know. Definitely one to binge-read.” – reader from London

“This book is a perfect blend of the old and new. Ms Kallmaker uses humor, angst and thoughtful analysis to introduce us to characters we thought we knew.” – PJ

“The main character in “COI” was a villain in Stepping Stone, which seemed an odd choice to me at first. I wanted nothing but ruin for that character at the end of Stepping Stone and was doubtful that Ms. Kallmaker could convince me to root for La Lamont to get a “happily ever after” ending. By the end of “COI,” I was firmly in the character’s corner, which still amazes me.” – Ruth

“This was my first Karin Kallmaker book but now I’m hooked… I thought about this books for days after finishing it but now I look forward to catching up on her previous works.” – A Customer

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