This one's a mouth-watering delight.

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“This book allowed me to lick the last few crumbs off my finger. I especially loved the continued story of Wild Things.” – Sherell

“Her characters range from youthful to perimenapausal, butch/femme, caucasian, Afro-American, Japanese, confident, insecure, parents, non-parents, in long-term relationships to just getting started… This one’s a mouth-watering delight.” Jeanne

“If like myself, you are a long time Kallmaker fan, you will enjoy Frosting on the Cake, an anthology of short stories based on her novels.” M.J.

“She tells stories that can be read over and over again with characters that linger in your thoughts.” Customer

“If you’ve read her novels first then you MUST read this which adds a chapter to the end of the novel. As a stand alone it’s fabulous too.” – Robin

“This was yummy. Every story. Definitely spice cake at times, and sweet cake and lots and lots to savor. Best of all, it’s calorie-free!” – A Customer

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Frosting on the Cake Volume 1   

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