All my life I have had the hots for librarians.

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“I guarantee this one will leave you begging for water, or a latte, or an iced mocha decaf with chocolate sprinkles.” – Jeanne

“…Amusing but never vicious, heartfelt but never sappy, steamy, engaging story of two ordinary, every day women who make you believe in the extraordinary power of love.” – A Customer

“The “square dance” of lesbians working together and loving each other in a small community will be a familiar theme in the lives of many readers.” – M.J.

“…A journey filled with drama, intrigue and at times, laughter.” – Joyce

“This book was like a fantasy come to life. All my life I have had the hots for librarians.” – A Customer

“These are nice women who are flawed and damaged but find humor and heat in their interactions.” – Emma

One Degree of Separation is probably her funniest novel with her lightest touch.” – Reader

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One Degree of Separation   

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