The story is great, no matter what the reader's sexual orientation.

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“For sure an easy five stars!” – Shabba

“The setting – Alaska with its ice and northern lights – was different and vividly described. The way the main characters felt about each other, their misunderstandings, how they progressed, it felt so natural.” – Kitsilver

“Kallmaker’s ability to make ice into something so exquisite and beautiful is testimony to her well-honed craft. …This book should truly have wider appeal because the story is great, no matter what the reader’s sexual orientation.” – Pantextual

“Enjoyable from front cover to back; Kallmaker’s latest is a great weekend read.” – K.

“Karin Kallmaker’s fabulous description of Alaska made me chilly just reading it.” – Robin

“Highly recommended for light, fun, satisfying reading.” – Liz

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