Sugar is a sweet little read!

Lambda Book Report

The author dwells flavorfully on Sugar’s own work sculpting with cake layers, ganache, and fondant; the detailed descriptions of baked goods had me ready to bike immediately to the local café for a triple-chocolate-chip cookie.

Kallmaker also aptly describes the lesbian dating dance’s mixed signals—are these women asking Sugar out for coffee to express concern because her home just burned down, because they’re interested in her career, or because they’re attracted to her? Sugar’s interior monologue about her suitors’ intentions is amusing and real, if bordering on obsessive at times. And the book contains one of my favorite descriptions of a bad romantic experience, when Sugar says to Charlie:

“She said you two dated.”
Charlie’s eyes flew open. “We did not. We met at agreed-upon places and argued.”

Despite its occasionally sticky prose and fem-bot cover, which looks like something stolen from a bestseller on the chick lit list, Sugar is a sweet little read.

Lambda Book Report, Volume 13.09-10

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