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So I Had This Idea 2017 – From Idea to Published Work

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GCLS Logo 2017 watercolor skyline
Ask a hundred writers “how’d you finish that book?” and you’ll get 97 different answers and 3 people who’ll wander off muttering.

Well, there won’t be any muttering in this year’s installment of the “So I Had This Idea” panel at the 2017 Golden Crown Convention in Chicago this summer.  But there will be six different answers.

This annual panel was the brain child of author Pol Robinson who realized this essential truth: every new author got to the finish line in her own way, and wouldn’t it be interesting to hear how? Lucky me, every year I’ve been honored to be the moderator. And it is one of my favorite parts of my favorite conference of the year.

Writing is alchemy with words and a struggle to manifest what’s in our heads so other people can understand it. Even though the act of writing is similar, the results are as individual as fingerprints.

Past panelists have included Annette Mori, RG Emmanuelle, Rachel Gold, Jeanne “Barrett” Magill, Jessie Chandler, Erica Abbott, Mary Griggs, Shelley Thrasher, Beth Burnett, MB Panichi, Marie Castle, Jen Silver, Cindy Rizzo, Heather Blackmore, Alison Solomon, and the late Sandra Moran. That’s not even the whole list!

This year’s authors were all published for the first time within the last two years. Amazingly, a couple of them are already releasing second and third books at this conference. They will give some glimpses into how first and second publication differs.

The 2017 Magicians Are

  • Vickie Adams (Heartland, published by Wicked)*
  • Genevieve Fortin (Water’s Edge, published by Bella Books)
  • Kimberly Cooper Griffin (Chasing Mercury, published by Skeetie B’s)
  • E.A. Kafkalas (Out of Grief, published by BookBaby)
  • Mercedes Lewis (Glimpses of a Fractured Soul, published by Regal Crest)
  • Cass Sellars (Lightning Strikes, published by Bold Strokes)

Join us Saturday afternoon, July 8 2017, for this panel. If you don’t know what the Golden Crown Literary Conference is, go have a look at the amazing schedule of events for readers and writers. There is still time to register.

  • Author Barbara Dennis was previously announced but needed to withdraw for personal reasons. Vickie Adams graciously agreed to replace her.

Thoughtful and Congenial are welcome visitors. Disrespect and Spite will be shown the door.