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Bell, Book and Dyke – a Collection of 4 Novellas


Unbeliever: a Novella

by Karin Kallmaker
and additional novellas by Barbara Johnson, Therese Szymanski and Julia Watts

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The Story...

  • "Unbeliever"

    Professor Kylie Carnegie has no time to figure out why a large book full of blank pages has been delivered to her doorstep. University politics don't matter, her research doesn't matter. Her entire life is wrapped around caring for her twin, Hayley. As the New England winter sharpens both sisters know that Hayley will not see the Spring. New neighbor Aurora Lowell is immediately sympathetic, helpful ... and alluring. But Kylie has no time for that either.

    It's a completely different side of Aurora that Kylie experiences when she chances to open the mysterious book near the firelight and muses aloud the vaguely familiar words that appear on the old pages...

    Originally written for the anthology Bell, Book and Dyke: New Exploits of Magical Lesbians

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  • words: 34000