Captain of Industry – Paperback


by Karin Kallmaker

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The Story...

  • The world is at Jennifer Lamont’s feet — right where she wants it. She has made breaking hearts a blood sport, and the cool, calculated use of other people’s backs has led to the stardom she has craved from the first time she heard applause. Lust or fear is all she has ever believed she could see in the eyes of others.

    Suzanne Mason has built the enviable life she was always told smart geeks could never have. Fortune, fame and the beautiful girls usually reserved for captains of football teams - all hers. She has everything she ever wanted, except the one woman who is no one’s trophy.

    Expert combatants in the games of life know there can only be one winner. Regardless of the scorching attraction between them, the game of love is no different, is it?

    Featuring characters from the novel Stepping Stone.

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  • words: 91500

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