Curve of Her, The – eBook


by Karin Kallmaker

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The Story...

  • Deeply in love with the much younger Rayann, Louisa is certain she will discover new truths and pleasures - if only they can get some alone time. A sweet, sensuous afternoon with one of Karin's most popular couples.
  • words: 2700

  • Excerpt from "The Curve of Her"

    I am watching Rayann at the top of the sliding ladder, her weight all on one foot while she uses the other as a counter balance to the arm that stretches for a book almost out of reach. She is a curve of hip, a sweep of hair, then a flash of humor as she hands the volume down to the waiting customer.

    “That do it for you today, Belle?” I take the Hemingway anthology to enter it into the register. “Need a bag?”

    “That’s all today, Louisa.” Belle pats her pockets in search of her credit cards. “And I will need a bag to smuggle it into the house. I don’t know why Jean likes Hemingway, but it’s her birthday tomorrow and she doesn’t have this collection yet.”

    “Girlfriends,” I joke. “Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em.”

    “Hey,” Rayann protests from the top of the ladder, where she is spreading books out on the shelf to hide the large gap where the anthology had been. I watch her fingers on the spines of the volumes, savoring the texture in the same way that I do. I think, then, of her fingers on my skin.

    I’m intensely aware of the sway of Rayann’s hips as she shimmies down the ladder. The fog of the past week has finally given way to summer heat, at least here in our part of Oakland, and forced her into a simple top and shorts, with the skimpiest of sandals passing for footwear. Her figure is even more ripe and alluring at thirty-two than it was at twenty-nine. She complains about the effects of gravity but I always tell her she hasn’t seen anything yet. When she’s my age—just shy of fifty-nine—gravity will be an old friend.

    She disappears into the recesses of the store. During our vacation, an enthusiastic volunteer made a mess of shelving the new paperbacks and Rayann has been steadily correcting it. I wave goodbye to Belle and go in search of Rayann.

    I need to gaze at her today. The light and warmth of the long days have made me more aware than ever of my blissful existence. I live with beauty and grace. I have more freedom than I have ever imagined possible, and it includes loving another woman openly.

    The day feels lazy now that the afternoon is peaking. The light shifts and the smell of old books grows stronger. A customer comes in to browse, another to pick up an order. The baseball game on the radio ends without me caring who won.

    I want more than merely looking at her. I do most days and yet this feels new.

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