Frosting on the Cake #2 – Second Helpings – Paperback


by Karin Kallmaker

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The Story...

  • Second helpings—you know you want some. Feast on a literary dessert buffet of short stories featuring the beloved characters who took your breath away and stole your heart.

    Inspired by classics like Touchwood, Wild Things and Substitute for Love, as well as bestsellers and award-winners like Above Temptation, The Kiss That Counted and Warming Trend, Karin’s second volume of follow-up stories is sure to satisfy your craving for more.

    Karin Kallmaker is a three-time winner of the Lambda Literary Award and has received numerous other accolades over her twenty-year devotion to lesbian romance. Readers will also want to look for the original Frosting on the Cake Volume 1.


    1. Above Temptation: Snap Judgment
    2. The Kiss that Counted: It’s… Complicated
    3. Warming Trend: Good Morning
    4. Wild Things: Losing Faith
    5. All the Wrong Places: Cruising Solo
    6. All the Wrong Places: Lucky 7
    7. Sugar: The Hardest Part
    8. Touchwood: The Curve of Her
    9. Car Pool: Divided Highway
    10. Paperback Romance: Payout
    11. In Every Port: Filled to Overflowing
    12. Substitute for Love: Reconciliation
    13. One Degree of Separation: Twenty-One
    14. Just Like That: The Beautiful Expression of Her Dark Eyes
    15. Finders Keepers: Gladiators
    16. Making Up For Lost Time: Happy New Year Too
    17. Stepping Stone: Action
    18. Notes: "With Frosting You Get Sprinkles"
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  • words: 64500

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