Kiss that Counted, The – Paperback


by Karin Kallmaker

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The Story...

  • CJ Roshe knows she can never relax her vigilance, especially when her grip on her secrets begins to slip. Contact with the good-hearted Karita Hanssen leaves CJ wishing for impossible things-friends, roots, a lover who knows her real name.

    With a life cheerfully balanced between all the things that she loves, Karita gives freely of her time and affection. She isn't looking for more until something in CJ's eyes suggests that there could be feelings deeper, stronger - and more dangerous - than any she has ever felt.

    CJ is committed to only tonights with her body and certainly no tomorrows when it comes to her heart. Karita has always lived for today while she waits for tomorrow to happen. One kiss couldn't change all that - unless it's the kiss that counted.

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  • words: 84000

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