Outside the Rio Spotlight by Maria Kaj


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In the 2016 Olympic Games, a dozen athletes—record-breakers, notable pioneers, and all-around thrilling competitors—were overlooked in the prime-time TV coverage obsessed with sprinters, soccer legacies, and “angry faces.” Outside the Rio Spotlight tells tales of courage and American excellence at its peak, stories of those who contest in the lesser-known sports like judo, rowing, BMX, and fencing. Told in the style of 16 Days of Glory, the book details the tournaments for these athletes who compete –- with little funding and even less hype — for the love of their sport and the honor of their country, which is the essence of the Olympics. These U.S. athletes did it whether anyone was watching or not. (120,000 words)

Stories included in Outside the Rio Spotlight: –Kayla Harrison (judo) –Kyle Snyder and Helen Maroulis (wrestling) –Claressa Shields (boxing) –Kim Rhode (shooting) –Michelle Carter (shot put) –Matthew Centrowitz, Jr. (1500 m) –Kristin Armstrong and Connor Fields (cycling/BMX) –U.S. teams: rowing eight, water polo, and sabre fencing.