Stake through the Heart – a Collection of 4 Novellas


Castle Wrath: a Novella

by Karin Kallmaker
and additional novellas by Barbara Johnson, Therese Szymanski and Julia Watts

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The Story...

  • "Castle Wrath"

    A bubbly ingenue falls heir to a remote, storm-drenched castle in a foreign land. All hers - if she can outlast the dangerous and too delicious competing claimant. Strange happenings, a curious (and disconcertingly attractive) caretaker, plus erotic nightmares may be far more than California girl Brittany Brannigan can handle.

    Brittany's erotic explorations have a pinch of horror and more than a dash of romance. Originally written for Stake through the Heart: New Exploits of Twilight Lesbians.

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  • words: 31000

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