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Reblog: The Lucky Ones by Lise MacTague

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A profound and lyric essay by Lise MacTague that resonated with me and I think will with many of you. We know we’re the lucky ones because we’ve survived. It could be worse. But many of the things we feel “lucky” for are things no one should have to endure. THE LUCKY ONES Posted on June 15, 2016 by Lise MacTague I came out to my parents when I was twenty. My mom already knew. My father might not have been happy about it, but he faked it well enough that I didn’t find out about his discomfort until years after he died. I am one of the lucky ones. When I was seventeen, I went for a walk READ MORE OF THE ORIGINAL Please comment and like and do all that on Lise’s blog. She deserves your props. (While you’re there, check out her other blogs and her books.)

One Way to Talk to People About “Religious Freedom” Laws Like Indiana’s

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How would you like to walk into a bakery, clothing store or dentist, either by yourself or in front of your kids or grandparents, and have the person behind the counter take one look at you and say “We don’t serve your kind.” And it is legal to treat you that way. How would you like to pick where to eat based on the hope you won’t be publicly humiliated and shunned? How would you like to live in a world where you keep a list of businesses you can’t ever go into because that’s the law? How would you like to tell your kids “We’re not allowed in that toy store”? To the response of “That will never happen”… Then why was this law necessary if that’s not what people really want to do? To have it be legal when they decide based on how you look that they don’t want to help you? People who are for these bills don’t seem to think they will ever be the victim of them. Most, frankly, seem obsessed with the idea of getting to use the law to keep their businesses free of customers they just don’t like the look of. …