What You Want to See in the World – Make it So!

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Pledge to the Laurel Bookstore expansion in the memory of Suzanne Corson and I’ll make it worth your while in Captain of Industry. If five people support the Laurel Bookstore expansion at the $50 level in Suzanne Corson’s memory, I will name one of the lead characters in Captain of Industry after her.*

If one person supports the expansion at the $250 level I’ll find a way to immortalize something else in the story – the “captain’s” business, a place, pet, the restaurant where you proposed to the love of your life – uniquely tailored to you. If more than one do this in Suzanne’s memory, I will find a way to make you all feel very special within the pages of Captain of Industry.

So for once I didn’t bury the lede! Laurel Bookstore, independent, woman and lesbian owned for 13 years, has gathered the SBA loan, community grants and the determination to relocate and GROW from a small store in a southern district of Oakland to prominent location in downtown Oakland.

This is what we all want to see in the world, isn’t it?
Go to the IndieGogo page and pledge.

So this is a challenge. It’s not tax deductible. It’s not #TrendingSexyViral. You don’t have to pour water over your head – but if you want to do that in support of #GrowIndieBookstores and post it on YouTube, I will share that all over Facebook for you, yes I will.

It’s creating a bigger space where books and talking about books and celebrating reading is a bright thread in downtown Oakland. And it’s owned and run by women. I can’t help but think that Suzanne would have been totally jazzed.

Go to the IndieGogo page and pledge.

*Of course I’m going to name the character after Suzanne anyway. Nevertheless, every time you see the book or the store, you’ll know that you put glue on the building blocks too.

Suzanne Corson was one of the founders of Boadecia’s Bookstore in Kensington/North Berkeley. It was a terrific community center, and where I first met many longtime friends and fellow bibliophiles. Suzanne fostered the writing confidence of clueless newbies and paralyzed veterans alike, and supported the right to read and love books of all kinds. She passed away suddenly earlier this month.

About Captain of Industry:

The world is at Jennifer Lamont’s feet – right where she wants it. She has made breaking hearts a blood sport, and the cool, calculated use of other people’s backs has led to the stardom she has craved from the first time she heard applause. Lust or fear is all she has ever wanted to see in the eyes of others. But a night of passion and the undisguised contempt in one particular pair of eyes has wounded her like never before.

Even bitches have back stories.

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