scrabble tiles spell order of t-h-i-g-n-s

The Order of Things

There’s Comfort in Order

Because sometimes you just have to know the order things were published in for reals, not the order they may have been re-released or made into subsequent editions, or bundled or turned into fancy unicorn blossoms.

This page is also for Karin, because asking her the order of things will just get you a blank stare.

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book cover captain of industry lesbian romance

The world is at Jennifer Lamont’s feet – right where she wants it. She has made breaking hearts a blood sport, and the cool, calculated use of other peoples’ backs has led to stardom. Suzanne Mason has everything she wants … except...

ebook cover comfort and joy lesbian holiday romance

Home from Afghanistan to surprise her mother, Milla doesn't expect more than the best apple pie in the world and the bliss of unrationed hot showers. She's not counting on futures — or meeting a woman like Tyna....

book cover roller coaster lesbian romance

Laura Izmani is glad of her new client, a wealthy actress who needs a private chef for her twins. She's also grateful that Helen Baynor doesn't remember their first meeting on a roller coaster ride that changed their lives....

book cover warming trend alaska key west romance

A river of ice has frozen Ani’s life. The future looks even colder when she returns home to the glaciers of Alaska, the mistakes of her past and the disdain of the woman she once loved....

book cover stepping stone hollywood romance

Producer Selena Ryan isn't going to let anyone use her to get what they want, ever again, even if that means living without love....