Store and Privacy Policies

If you experience any difficulties with a download please write to StoreSprite(-at-) We can’t guarantee 100% compatibility (nobody can) but we’ll help if possible and refund if it doesn’t work out.
Our paperbacks have been stored in dry, smoke-free conditions.

Signing Instructions

Please provide enough information so print books can be signed appropriately. (See How to Get Signed Books.) If you leave the order comment / message box blank or don’t send an email within a few hours of purchase, we will assume you don’t want them signed.

Shipping – Important, Please read carefully!

Every effort will be made to ship your books to you quickly and correctly. If something isn’t right, we will make it right.

However, if the mailing address provided during checkout is incorrect, and the books are returned to sender, we will ask you to pay for the shipping cost of the second shipment by whatever means you select.

International shipments

Please be aware that shipment tracking lasts only until the parcel leaves US borders. After that, we are not responsible for delivery of the books. Express shipping services that provide tracking are so expensive (4-5 times the price of a book) that we cannot in good conscience offer them.

Full and Complete Shipping Address is Vital

Our shop is fully automated and whatever you enter for shipping information is how the package will be addressed when your local mail person finally handles it. Please be complete! We can’t replace lost books and ship again at our expense if we’ve addressed the package as you specified during checkout and shipment doesn’t reach you. We want you to be happy, yes we do! But we’re not a huge retailer with unlimited resources and unlimited stock. Some of our books are last known copies of some editions. If the books are lost due to an incorrect shipping address provided during checkout we cannot replace them.

Recycling for Our Fragile Planet

We make every attempt to recycle, reuse, and repurpose shipping materials. Your books will likely arrive in envelopes or boxes that have been previously used for shipping and have branding from other companies on the exterior. We encourage you to reuse them as well!

We will never sell, share, mine or give away your email or contact information. End of story.

Your personal information will be used only to ship orders or send you information that you specifically requested. Karin and trusted helpers are the only people who will ever see your email address or contact information. Requests to delete your data will be promptly honored.

Software used for this site and web store are industry standard and assure users they comply with existing law. Payment services and security are provided by PayPal. Our store is PayPal Verified.