Meme One Million Moms Boycott

One Million Moms Please Boycott Me!

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Meme One Million Moms Boycott

I figure if being boycotted by this unsuccessful hate group has turned out to be some of the best free advertising in the LGBT community for large corporations (some of which have little history of being LGBT friendly), maybe it will work for me!

One Million Moms, really, I’m shameless. I’m sure I confuse The Children. One little boycott? Please? This book is even available on Kindle and can be downloaded in seconds to unsuspecting readers!

I even have children! C’mon, that’s gotta get me somewhere with you!

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My house elf finally got busy (amazing what bribery will do) and collected all the names of the commenters here at my blog and at Goodreads and a few others who had technical difficulties with those options and were counted via email, etc. The winner was carefully drawn from a hat…okay, it was laundry bag, we were improvising. Drumroll, please! Read More