Pride Flag in the wind

Tweets are Cheap, Talking is Hard

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Pride Flag in the wind

The past few weeks have been full of fierce debate about #BuryYourGays. Disposable people in art are too often disposable people in real life. I can’t unsee the tragic irony.

Are writers responsible for acts of violence? No. Did they cause the #PulseMassacre? No. But when they trope-bury their queers, people of color, disabled people, immigrants and other marginalized groups of people, they are painting on a dangerous canvas in a country full of guns in the hands of people full of righteous hate.Read More

Reblog: KG MacGregor “We aren’t afraid of you”

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I have few coherent words. KG MacGregor has words and they are all, as usual, very coherent. Please read.

Of course we will see the true stripes of our oppressors today. We will see prettified homophobia and racism substituted for condemnation. It might be as simple as “Of course this was a terrible thing…” while the word “but” hangs in the air. The echo of that long ago and groundbreaking episode of Designing Women when “all the right people died” Read More

The Difference Between Hacking and Spoofing on Facebook

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This is a Public Service Announcement. There is significant difference between being hacked and being spoofed on Facebook. (Spoofing is also called cloning.) I often see people in a fear spiral when they don’t need to be, and after explaining the difference numerous times it finally occurred to me I could just do a blog post and then share the URL in the future. The spoofers get less of everybody’s time and attention.*

How it Starts

It begins with the nagging suspicion that something is off – a friend request Read More

Reblog: “I Am Not Your Plot Device” – Steven Spohn at Terrible Minds

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Dead Lesbian Scene on the 100

This. To all writers, THIS. First, empathy in the specific. This essay by Steven Spohn isn’t about lesbians, it’s about a group of people even more marginalized in every form of entertainment culture. Empathy.

Then gritty determination in a universal resistance to marginalized people’s lives being used as palatable plot devices for tragedy. As lesbians, we know exactly what being a discarded, misrepresented plot device Read More

story cover with salt ocean stormy cliff

“Salt” – Free e-Story

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story cover with salt ocean stormy cliff

The normal rules of search algorithms advise against the use of quotation marks in titles of blogs. In this case, I believe they are necessary. It’s not a salt-free e-story. It’s Salt, a free e-story at my web store.


I wrote Salt under the pen name of Laura Adams for the Naiad Press anthology The Touch of Her Hand. The story is a single voice grieving over a broken relationship Read More

Reblog: The Magic Flourish at Dinner

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For anyone who is curious about why I chose a cheese souffle recipe to include in Making Up for Lost Time, here’s the story of how souffle made its way into my life. I wanted a simplified version of a fancy dish for my character to include in her first cookbook, so I chose Maria’s “Simple Cheese Souffle.” This pic of the recipe is from the Silver Moon Books edition of the novel.


On National Souffle Day, be inspired to make one. It is as natural as breathing.

Source: The Magic Flourish at Dinner

My Book is 114 Times Better because of Professional Proofreaders

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The post-writer phase of producing a manuscript for typeset has two stages: editing and proofreading. I talked about the unicorn ride with sprinkles that editing is for me, and that is always my favorite part.

Now, however, it’s time to confess what all the editing, spell and grammar check, reading aloud and rereading in the world didn’t find: 114 mistakes in 90K+ words, or one every third page or so. Enough for any seasoned reader to Read More

Why I Love the Editing Phase

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After the many agonies and few ecstasies of completing the first draft of a book, editing is a joyful unicorn ride with candy and magic sprinkles.

That’s Right, Editing is a Joyful Unicorn Ride

When I finally type the words The End, my writer brain loathes the book and regrets ever becoming a writer when accounting was so, so much easier. Then ping! Editor Brain takes over and we’re in love. So much to critique and fix. Seriously, this happens about five minutes after Writer Brain has slunk into the darkness dragging what’s left of the Pringles Read More

REBLOG: A History of Fools

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I have two reasons to reblog this. First, my spouse doesn’t know that’s a thing, so you know, a little education for the retiree. Second, when I prank all y’all on Friday with this oldie but goodie:


and you fall for it for even two seconds, that’s on you. Just sayin’.

My superpower - knows where the chocolate is

Embrace Your Superpower

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I was enjoying the great outdoors at the mall, like you do, which included a long looping walk both indoors and out. Don’t scoff, I racked up 7 miles. Plus it’s a large mall and there are stairs in plenty. On a surprisingly warm winter day, I wove my way outside to warm up and inside to cool off. Outside to marvel at the plum trees snowing down white blossoms on the sidewalks and back inside to stop sneezing.

During one of my outdoor swings a mid-thirties man in a truck slowed in the parking lot, obviously wanting to ask me a question.

Did I mention it was two days before Read More