Getting Published – Panel in Castro Valley on Saturday

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program flyer for CV library program getting published
This is an event for new(ish) writers who are generally located in the East Bay. (I dislike reading about a cool sounding event and only finding out at the end that it’s thousands of miles away.) So Oakland, Hayward, San Leandro, Castro Valley, Pleasanton, Dublin, Fremont, Union City and so on and on. You can come from farther away if you’re up for it! The CV Library is not even two blocks from CV Bart.

Start your weekend out with a positive step toward making your publishing dreams happen. This program is FREE. Like just about everything else at the library. #librariesROCK

Please join me this weekend for an open panel of Read More

Cover, Indomitable the Barbara Grier Story by Joanne Passet

Indomitable Should Be in Your Public Library

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Cover, Indomitable the Barbara Grier Story by Joanne Passet
“Glorious and inglorious complexity.” The phrase captures Barbara Grier to perfection, and is used by Katherine V. Forrest on the dust jacket of Indomitable, this new, richly detailed biography of the woman who “changed, for the better, every lesbian life…” as Lee Lynch adds. That means your life, even if you don’t recognize the name.

I’m not exhorting you to read Indomitable (you should). There’s something more important that you can do from your seat.

Biographies of queer people are rare enough, and biographies of lesbian womenRead More

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Songlist – Getting My Resolutions On

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graffiti mama playing guitar

As I said at the Bella Blog, my 2017 resolution is to put out into the world what I want to see more of. Clearly, we are in a time where good, truth, kindness and courage must rise ten times brighter because greed, lies, bullying and selfishness are willing to go so very low to score their temporary victories.

My 2016 was personally full of beauty and Read More

A Fowl Mood (That Turkey Brine Thing We Do)

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Turkey on the Fence

Update 2016: Since I’ve received several email requests this week for “that turkey brine thing” I thought I’d repost this April 2008 entry with the recipe.

Turkey on the Fence

No doubt others before me have used this fowl pun, and why you may ask am I writing about turkey in April when Thanksgiving is six months away? There’s a turkey sitting on my back fence, that’s why. Read More

In Which I Fan Girl and Oh Yeah, There’s a Literary Cruise

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Hi. My name is Karin and I am a goofy doofus fan girl. I’m fairly practiced and blase about meeting readers and bumping shoulders with other writers. But I’ve got an event coming up where all my Grownup Skills will be deeply challenged by my Fan Girl Doofus History.

Books. Hundreds and hundreds of lesbians. Writers, authors. Singers, songwriters. Smart Women. Sheroes. All on an Olivia Cruise to Alaska.

Poof! Magic is going to happen when all of those things are in the same place next June. But what do I Fan Girl first? So many choicesRead More

Coffee, Meetups and a Big Tease

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Anyone following my Facebook feed knows I’m in Canada seeing the eye-popping sights. Yesterday I met up with two passionate lesfic fans, Tara and Patti. (Did we take a picture, no we did not. Bad Karin, bad bad! Instead, you get a picture of Lake Louise.)

As we chatted I admitted that I had, that morning, written the opening paragraphs of the next novel. In their honor I’m going to go ahead Read More

See You In Carolina, or, I Admit I’ll Sign Anything

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LGBT Center in Raleigh

It’s the Fifth Anniversary of the LGBT Center Library and it’s only fitting that the event be celebrated by talking about romance and love, books and writing. You haven’t marked your calendar yet? Tick tock! The event is in one week, next Sunday, September 25, at 1 p.m. There’s dessert! Why would you miss this?

Inevitably at an event like this, there are people who are shy about bringing all the books from home for me to sign. Don’t be shy! If you bring it, I will sign it. Preferably, it’s a book written by me. Some people, I’m not naming names but her initials are KG MacGregor, get a bit testy when I sign their books. (I’ll do it, but let’s keep it entre nous, shall we?)

If you’re hoping to buy a particular bookRead More

Story Bundle "Long-Term Lovers" Available

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bundle cover long term lesbian lovers erotica

Bella Books has cleverly combined three of my short stories into a bundle for instant download. They all feature long-term couples doing what they know how to do. Practice makes perfect, right? All three stories were previously available only in print anthologies.

This is an exclusive bundle at Bella. Bella’s Singles can go to your Kindle with a click, or by emailing it to your account, and can be side-loaded to Android and Apple tablets. You get real, digital files, in multiple formats.

Long-Term Lovers: Erotica for Couples by Karin Kallmaker
Who says long-term couples get bored? In these three exquisite short stories by Mistress Karin Kallmaker, explicit fantasy plays out between lovers who’ve learned exactly what pleases. Long-term partners explore the dynamics of trust that allow them to explode with primal heat and intimate passion. About 5K words and 99 cents. This bundle contains “Any Morning,” “Shooting Star” and “Firelight Fantasia”

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A Novel SongTrack

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cover of Captain of Industry
Music has often inspired titles and moments in my stories. The title Substitute for Love I owe to Madonna and The Kiss that Counted to Catie Curtis, for example. What’s rare is when particular songs – their lyrics, tone, power – drive the creativity so much so that I know it’s a song that the characters have heard and responded to as well.

After all, the characters are real people, right?

Take Radiohead’s angry, unvarnished “Creep.” In Captain of Industry, Suzanne Read More

Cameos in Captain of Industry and more Q&A

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So much mail, so many posts, tons of comments. I’m thrilled at the reception that Captain of Industry is getting! There have been some questions that I didn’t foresee, so I’m going to answer them in a quick post.

Q: You included a number of characters from your other books in the opening chapters. Is this a farewell to all of them? Are you putting down your pen?

I’ll stop writing when they pry the keyboard out of my three-day dead hands. So there’s that.

Captain was inspired by another book so at a minimum there was going to be character crossover from there. I had planned all along for one particular character from another book to show up to give a big political speech. Then I realized that with thirty books to draw on, I could populate the entire party just from the characters who live in California alone. So of course the wine was from my favorite Napa Valley vineyard and so forth. I tried to fit them all in, but the scene changed from moving the plot along to a lot of name dropping and back story sketches. So there are just a few.Read More