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Every resource entry describes a site, service or organization that I value as either a reader or a writer – and sometimes both.

For writers, some of these resources help the process of getting words on the page, others help with marketing, still others inform the business side of this profession that is foreign territory to most writers. For readers, there are review sites and literacy advocacy sources near and dear to my heart.

It’s not an exhaustive list, but my hope is that an entry someone finds interesting will lead them to explore from there. For example, a visit to Writer Beware could lead one to other very good sites about publishing contracts, predatory scams, bogus award systems, etc.

Feel free to comment, suggest others, and upvote your favorites! – Karin

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Lesbian Reading Room

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The Lesbian Reading Room reviews short and long fiction for and about lesbians, with attention to works produced in the United Kingdom. That's right, lots of books with that elegant "u", a personal favourite of mine. Read more about it....

Thoughtful and Congenial are welcome visitors. Disrespect and Spite will be shown the door.

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