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Thank you to every single person who talks up books. Word of mouth matters today as much as it ever has. People’s opinions matter more than search algorithms!

Readers often ask what they can do to help lesfic. Posting just a few words about any book is incredibly helpful for both authors and other readers.

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Sugar at WomanSpace

Sugar /

Sugar is an apt title for this little book of fluff from author Kallmaker. It’s light, sweet and easily read. That’s not bad praise for an upbeat romance that begins with a house fire that threatens a woman’s...

Sugar at MegaScene

Sugar /

Sugar is another delightful romance from a great lesbian romance writer. Kallmaker has won the Lambda Literary Award for Maybe This Time (also published by Bella Books). With Sugar she gives the reader a light, frothy story that is...

Libera Me – Critique GayVox

Wild Things /

“(…) Karin Kallmaker est connue pour être la reine du roman lesbien sentimental anglo-saxon… La dame mérite son titre, car on est très loin des récits à l’eau de rose surannée, avec sentiments dégoulinants de...

Unforgettable at MegaScene

Unforgettable /

Kallmaker has been called the ‘Queen of Lesbian Romance.’ With her novel, Unforgettable, Kallmaker holds on to her well-deserved title. The joy of her novels, however, is not just the sex and romance, but the underlying...

Christabel at MegaScene

Christabel /

“Christabel is part ghost story and part a traditional tale of good and evil. It is a story told over time, going back and forth from the days of colonial America to the modern business and financial district of New York City. It is also...

Unforgettable at Celebrate!

Unforgettable /

Karin Kallmaker takes the reader through a fascinating and totally believable roller coaster with unexpected complications and intriguing plot twists as two women, passionately attracted to each other, search for a way for their...

Reader Comments about Sugar

Sugar /

“…While Sugar herself is indecisive and founders a bit in trying to decide what love is and isn’t, when it comes to what’s right for her family, doing the right thing, she doesn’t hesitate.” –...

Sugar at Wishing Well

Sugar /

This cute novel held me enthralled wondering who cake designer Sugar Sorenson would end up with — beautiful TV producer Emily Dorsett, hunky butch firefighter Charlie Bronson, or wonderful Goddess-child Tree Racine. Though plagued with...

LJ Maas Memorial Award

In Recognition of Mentorship Awarded by the Executive Director of the Golden Crown Literary Society, the LJ Maas Memorial Award was presented as “recognition of your mentorship of young writers and your commitment and dedication...

Reader Comments about Car Pool

Car Pool /

Car Pool “…A solid, intriguing romance between a closeted white accountant and a Japanese-American environmental biologist.” – Lesbian Reader “I went along for the ride in Car Pool and the journey was well...