Castle Wrath


by Karin Kallmaker

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The Story...

  • "Castle Wrath"

    A bubbly ingenue falls heir to a remote, storm-drenched castle in a foreign land. All hers - if she can outlast the dangerous and too delicious competing claimant. Strange happenings, a curious (and disconcertingly attractive) caretaker, plus sensuous nightmares may be far more than California girl Brittany Brannigan can handle.

    Brittany's day and night time adventures have a pinch of horror and more than a dash of romance. Originally written for Stake through the Heart: New Exploits of Twilight Lesbians with a tongue-in-cheek nod to Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey.

Read the entire first chapter here and learn more about the story:
  • words: 31000

Have a Bite…

Chapter One

I am an heiress… A dark woman
follows me … Steak and Stilton
pie … Arrival in Inverness…

The important thing is that you believe what I’m telling you because, frankly, it’s unbelievable from the get go. It’s not like it’s a complicated story, or anything, and I still don’t know how it ends, but it’s completely and totally true.

I took this writing class and they said the important thing was to write what you know and leave out the boring bits. That’s two important things, I realize that now. But here’s what I know and I’m leaving out the boring part about how it all came to pass: I inherited a castle in Scotland!

You don’t want to know about my grandfather’s great aunt’s adopted nephew-by-marriage who died without issue and the long series of accidents that lead to me being the heir — trust me, it’s a forty-part episode of Masterpiece Theatre. But here I am on a train in the Scottish countryside, trying to imagine the twists of history that caused all those deaths that let this incredible thing happen to me. It’s a bit freaky thinking about karma and fate and payback so I’m not thinking about it.

What I’m thinking about right now is that I can’t understand a thing anyone says and I’m hungry. Plus, there’s this tall, dark woman who keeps staring at me. I think I saw her at the train station in Glasgow. I had to run for the train and she seemed to be following me because she was running too. Read all of Chapter One

From Chapter 8

Angels fear to tread… Meeting
the crew… The lights go out…
I try new things…

Melanie’s arrival jarred me out of my inner ruminations of the appeal of womens’ hips and thighs. If any of us had wanted the time of day it was clear we weren’t going to get it. Clad once again in the oversized flannels and denims of some large member of her family, she stomped through the dining room with a rolled packet of tools under one arm. “Sorry,” she muttered. “Mrs. Dobnail told me she had a blown fuse.”

She had disappeared into the kitchen when Dee asked, “What’s with those trews?”

“I like a femme dressed up all butch,” Jennie said. “But that’s just wrong.”

I rose to help myself to the scones and cream on the sideboard. Okay, so I didn’t like Melanie’s prudish attitude and general bad temper, but she was filling in for family and instead of a nice, quiet castle with the occasional hiker crashing for the night, she had a houseful of people to fix up after. Being catty about her clothes didn’t seem nice to me.

I might have defended her but the lights went out.

From the kitchen, Melanie’s voice called, “Sorry!”

The room erupted into startled babble. Abruptly, I was aware of someone behind me. I knew the cologne. She pressed me forward, her hands sweeping around me to firmly grasp my breasts. Her crotch ground into me from behind as she whispered, “I want to have you again tonight. Enjoy you all over again.”

I shoved back against her, beyond rational thought.

“Quiet. This is our little secret.” Her hands grasped my inner thighs with her thumbs pressing into the seam of my jeans. So much for them being reasonably clean. She laughed in my ear. “If the answer is yes, work pineapple into the conversation.”

She was gone, apparently at complete ease in the dark.

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