Do Overs +2 – Stories of Lesbian Love & Sensuality


by Karin Kallmaker

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The Story...

  • Three stories of love and sensuality from the archives of the award-winning Karin Kallmaker. In the explicit “Do Overs” reliving their less-than-spectacular first date reveals all the ways a lesbian couple has learned to express their desire and trust. The answer to a romantic proposal is lost in the clamor of a noisy eatery in “You Can’t Win If You Don’t Play.” Lust and wry humor combine in “Lilith” when a mind-dwelling demon used to having her way tries to get the better of a lesbian erotica writer.
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  • words: 13500

A Taste from “Do Overs”

Bryn said she had something special planned. Today, the seventh anniversary of our first date, I woke to find a note on the bathroom mirror that said simply, “Sharon – It’s time for another first date. See you there.”

Though I focused on my students all day, in the back of my mind I constantly mulled over what Bryn might mean. Our first date had been, well, “uneven” was generous. We’d been introduced at an open house for mutual friends who’d finished the renovation of their San Francisco Victorian. A flame had definitely flickered as we’d sipped some very fine wine and discovered a mutual love of hiking. She’d called the very next day to ask me out.

At home after work I found no further information but it was obvious Bryn had been there. I peeked under the covers on the neatly made bed and saw that towels were already in place. Candles waited on the bedside tables, ready to be lit, and the fire inside me was already leaping. Thinking it was hardly fair for me to be the only one squirming through dinner, I searched the back of the closet for the dress I’d worn that night, seven years ago. If she wanted another first date, she’d have to endure me wearing the crimson dress she’d sworn I would never keep on for longer than five minutes. Read More from this and the other stories.

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