Simply the Best – Paperback



by Karin Kallmaker

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The Story...

  • Simply the Best… Pepper Addington can’t believe she’s moved up from grunt intern to personal assistant for Helene Jolie, the celebrity socialite founder of Keeping the job she worked so hard to get is her only priority. That Helene seems to find Pepper’s company pleasing in ways beyond work is dizzying.

    Simply the Worst… Alice Cabot only wants to do real reporting, but a lapse in judgment has gotten her exiled to the glitzy Gallerias and vapid bubble babble of Beverly Hills. The assignment to do a flattering feature on Simply the Best and its enduring success is pure torture. She’s going to loathe everything about it, starting with the airhead assistant who seems to believe she can control what Alice writes.

    Simply Irresistible… It’s Game On when Pepper decides it’s high time to rein in this cynical New Yorker who thinks her bad attitude makes her right about everything. Alice, meanwhile, isn’t about to let a beach-blond California valley girl blind her to the overpriced magic nonsense that Simply the Best sells. From their first encounter it’s clear there’s more than a game at stake, and neither of them has any intention of surrendering.

Excerpts, reviews and lots more forthcoming!
  • words: 100000

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