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Embrace in Motion by
Karin Kallmaker - Paperback



Sarah MacNeil is about to put her heart in the hands of a beautiful woman who could be her salvation ... or her ruin!

Surfing high on the wave of lesbian chic, author/screenwriter Melissa Hartley is deliciously dangerous. She knows all the right people, goes to all the right parties, says all the right things.

When she meets the quiet, elegant Sarah MacNeil at a hotel bar, Melissa makes all the right moves to get Sarah into her bed, then makes all the right promises to convince the usually cautious young attorney to come live with her in San Francisco.

Totally captivated for the first time in her life, Sarah surrenders herself completely. Blinded by the glow of Melissa's white-hot sensuality, is Sarah setting herself up for a total meltdown?

Fans of this book will not want to miss the short story in Frosting on the Cake 1.

© 1997 • 190 pages or 233 pages • 60,653 words


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Of all of my romance novels, I think this one best captures my philosophy about what a great relationship is, and what it isn't. I also enjoyed researching archery and Olympic Archery competition.

R Lynne Watson --

Kallmaker, the author of several record-breaking best sellers, has once again proven her skill at creating characters that engage the interest of the reader.

Ese abrazo que pretendia darte

Sarah MacNeil está a punto de entregar su corazón a una hermosa mujer, que puede ser su salvación... o su perdición.Melissa Hartley, escritora y guionista que se mueve por lo más in de la cultura lésbica, es deliciosamente peligrosa. Conoce a todas las personas que hay que conocer, va a las fiestas a las que hay que ir y dice lo que hay que decir. Cuando conoce a Sarah MacNeil, una mujer tranquila y elegante, en el bar de un hotel, Melissa hace los movimientos precisos para llevarse a Sarah a la cama. Después, hará las promesas necesarias para convencer a aquella agente de patentes, habitualmente tan prudente, para que se vaya con ella a vivir a San Francisco. Absolutamente cautivada por primera vez en su vida, Sarah se entrega por completo. Cegada por el resplandor de la ardiente sensualidad de Melissa, ¿se estará metiendo Sarah en la boca del lobo?

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