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Finders Keepers by
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Setting out on the "vacation of a lifetime" Marissa Chabot is well-provisioned with sunblock, rum and a stack of good books. Being one of the founders of Finders Keepers, the successful, high-tech "soul-mate matching service," she knows that vacation romances are hopeless.

When Linda Bartok—tall, dark and beautiful—sweeps her off her feet anyway, Marissa yields to the magic of a storybook rescue, moonlit walks on the beach and longed-for whispers of passion. Though it hardly seems possible that the Amazonian, adventurous Linda could be truly interested in a desk-bound computer geek, the most erotic encounters of Marissa's life complete her surrender.

Vacations end. Real life resumes. Waiting for the phone to ring, Marissa wonders if what she had seen in Linda's eyes could have possibly been true. Was it just a vacation romance? Or was she going to end up losers weepers?

Finders Keepers, the quest for the perfect mate in the 21st Century, joins Karin Kallmaker’s Just Like That and her other incomparable novels about lesbian love, lust and laughter.

Fans of this book will not want to miss the short story in Frosting on the Cake 2.

© 2007 • 254 pages • 78,082 words


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Volume 4, No. 2

Karin Kallmaker always provides a there there in her romances; she brings the worlds of a diverse group of women to life in her books, be they the owners of wineries (Just Like That), bakers (Sugar), or musicians (Maybe Next Time, Paperback Romance)...

In her latest, Finders Keepers, we meet Marissa Chabot, the owner of an online dating service... There is the inevitable ironic commentary about a woman running a dating service being unhappily single herself, but fear not - girl does get girl.

In addition to being a successful business owner, Marissa is also someone who struggles with her body image and weight. Unlike many romance heroines, those who seem to be physical perfection personified, Marissa probably looks like many of those who will read about her - someone who is attractive, though not in an L Word-lesbian sort of way, and one who is not always happy with her body. During the course of the book, we witness and learn from Marissa's journey...

Suffice to say that Karin Kallmaker continues her tradition of strong character portraits, interesting and informative plots, and engaging storytelling with Finders Keepers.

Dein Herz sei mein

Wir glauben an die Liebe. Wir glauben an Romantik. Wir glauben an erste Begegnungen, zweite Verabredungen, dritte Jahrestage und an Beziehungen, die ein Leben lang währen" - so das Credo der boomenden Partneragentur Dein Herz sei mein, die Marissa Chabot betreibt. Doch Marissas eigenes Liebesleben lässt viel zu wünschen übrig. Warum nur musste sie ihr Herz auch an einen Urlaubsflirt verlieren? An die betörende Linda, mit der sie himmlische Stunden auf einer einsamen Insel in der Südsee verbracht hat ... Und die sich trotz aller Beteuerungen nie wieder gemeldet hat. Ob die Frau ihrer Träume doch noch einmal in Marissas Leben auftaucht, ist nachzulesen im vierten Roman von Karin Kallmaker, der nun auf Deutsch vorliegt.

Karin Kallmaker, die "Queen of Lesbian Romance", lebt mit ihrer langjährigen Gefährtin und ihren zwei Kindern in der San Francisco Bay Area. Ihr Internetanschluss muss schnell sein, ihr iPod laut und ihre Schokolade köstlich.

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La Belle éprise

En embarquant pour une croisière en Polynésie, Marissa n’avait pas prévu que le navire ferait naufrage dès le premier soir. Elle n’avait pas plus envisagé sa rencontre avec Linda sur la chaloupe de secours ni leur séjour romantique sur l’île de Huahine.

De retour à San Francisco, Marissa attend avec impatience des nouvelles de Linda. À moins que cet intermède n’ait été pour celle-ci qu’une aventure sans lendemain ?

Mais comme le dit l’adage, tout vient à point à qui sait attendre…

(…) J’apprécie les romans de Karin Kallmaker parce qu’au-delà de l’histoire d’amour lesbienne, il y a une vraie profondeur. Autant le dire tout de suite, j’ai adoré ce livre que j’ai dévoré en quelques heures ce week-end. (…) Sans jamais apporter de réponse toute faite ni tomber dans la facilité, Karin Kallmaker offre deux magnifiques portraits de femmes fortes prêtes à se battre avec courage pour devenir les femmes qu’elles veulent vraiment être. Un bel exemple et un livre qui a tendance à redonner des forces. Je vous conseille vraiment ce roman. Ma plus belle découverte de l’année. Isabelle B. Price, on Univers-L.com, juin 2013

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