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Once Upon a Dyke:
Fairy Tale Dykes by Karin Kallmaker et al



Four Fairy Tales Like You've Never Read Them Before!

Once upon a time, four of your favorite lesbian novelists embarked on a magical journey to bring their favorite fairytale characters out of the closet and into the sheets. The result is a highly erotic and deliciously tongue-in-cheek collection that brings a whole new meaning to the term “bedtime stories.”

Lie back and let these fantasy femmes – and a butch in wonderland – take you deep inside the forest, high into castles, and through the looking glass.
You’ll be enchanted as Rapunzel lets down more than her hair, the Little Mermaid gets soaking wet, and Snow White proves that Sleepy and Bashful are neither.

Whether you grew up wanting to be a princess, or wanting to rescue one, Once Upon a Dyke is the book for you!

Rave Reviews from Fairytale Experts:
“This book is just right!”—Goldilocks
“Mirror, mirror on the wall, this book’s the hottest of them all.”—Evil Queen
“Girls together? I don’t get it.”—Peter Pan


By Barbara Johnson (Charlotte of Hessen), Karin Kallmaker (A Fish Out of Water), Therese Szymanski (A Butch in Fairytale Land) and Julia Watts (Le Belle Rose)

© 2004 307 pages 100K+ words


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Finalist, Erotica


Notes and Reviews

And now for something completely different...from Bella After Dark!

Curve Magazine about Once Upon a Dyke
February 2005 Issue

"A handful of beloved lesbian writers give classic stories a twist in this collection of reimagined fairy tales... The best part? You can read Once Upon a Dyke and discover exactly how mermaids (and Rapunzel, Snow White and many other familiar characters) get it on!"

Wishing Well
Volume 31, Number 4 Issue

Speaking of Karin Kallmaker -- what a story she has crafted this anthology! An erotic Little Mermaid, Kallmaker's story tells how mermaids can infect humans with incredible, terminal longing. The twist is only lesbians can be infected... Unfortunately, the 77th daughter of the Mer-Queen has a real addiction to human lesbians, one in particular.

Midwest Book Review

Culturally speaking, fairy tales were created for several reasons; community identity, teaching morality, and of course, as entertainment. Thus it is fitting for a group of lesbian authors to reconsider fairy tales and ask in their introduction, "Why were the heroines always pretty, pure, passive little things who needed rescuing? .... What was so charming about Prince Charming anyway?"

The sex gets steamy and sometimes may challenge readers. The novella formats make for a nice change of pace in reading. Once upon a Dyke is romantic, funny, thoughtful, and hot. Buy a copy and live happily ever after, for a while.